SOLO-1 seater

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The Pistenbock version SOLO is a steerable sledge for youth and adults. This sledge was... more
Product information "SOLO-1 seater"

The Pistenbock version SOLO is a steerable sledge for youth and adults. This sledge was developed for specific needs of rental business. It is very robust and long-lasting.

Pistenbock is an experience you’ve never made before! It’s steerable and breakable. The sledgeis spring-mounted and can be used on any lifting system (for the usage of the ski tow there’s the need of an optional available lift system code 300029). This steerable sledge is designed for youth or adults who have a height from approx 150 to 180 cm height.

Experience Sleding 2.0: You are in control of your direction, your speed und are able to enjoy your downhill experience without any hits on your backbone, stomach aches or snow in your shoes. 180° curves? No problem to handle due to our precise steering you will master them like a F1 champion. Control of your speed at any times if necessary you are able to stop almost immediately by pressing of the high performance break into the ground. Even while curving your trace will not be influenced through your slowing-down process; no reaction forces which cause an overdrive or understeering. With an overwhelming feeling of safety you are in control of the situation at any time. Feel the comfortable way of driving thanks to our ergonomical seat pads and the chassis of our Pistenbock which softens uneven traces easily.

You want to pull our sledge manually? No problem just pull the ergonomical handle bar integrated at the pull rope which furls in – similar to a hoover cable – by itself after usage. The break can be easily locked in the upper position for that. If you want to park our Pistenbock at a slope the break can be pushed into the snow so the autonomous drive of the sledge is inhibited.

Be marveled at the well-made design of the sledges produced by the usage of wood and high-grade steel which emits dynamic, safety and value from the first moment. This piece of sports equipment is extremely solid and long-lasting; in case of damages every piece can be exchanged. Delight yourself at the interested glances of the other guests who would love to share this emotional experience with you. Be the proud owner of the presumably “Best sledge of the world”!


Technical details:

Measures: (L x W x H)   approx. 1066 x 570 x 187 mm

Weight:                                               approx. 13 kg

Range of functions:

- Steerable

- Service and emergency brake

- Suspension

- Preparation for usage of ski tow

- Manual pull rope


Maximum height of the driver: 180 cm

Suggested minimum height: 150 cm

Maximum weight of the driver: 120 kg

Maximum occupation: 1 person


Used materials:

- Birke multiplex, laminated, high-grade steel, spring steel, synthetic material


Underlying standards for construction:

- ISO 12100 EG guideline for machines (2006/42/EG)

Technical changes reserved.


Safety an User Guide

 The brand Pistenbock, design and many technical innovations are protected by several international trade mark rights. © bock machining gmbh 2015

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